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Mission & Vision
Mission & Vision
XBIZ Research Mission
XBIZ Research is the adult entertainment industry's premiere market research organization providing actionable adult business information and analysis gathered from the adult industry.
XBIZ Research Vision
During challenging and prosperous economic times, most businesses find that a shift to data-driven decision-making can optimize potentials and minimize or mitigate business failures.

Business professionals and economists outside of the adult industry benefit from the insights gained from the well-established adult industry, which has decades of proven business success.

Adult businesses employ unique Internet-driven technologies, innovative business models and an underlying dynamic of near constant change executed on an individual organizational level.

Within the industry, XBIZ Research provides business professionals with timely research data to help empower decisions, including business intelligence impacting the industry as a whole, individual market segments, competitive placement and many other strategic and tactical areas.

The adult industry's economic models and business patterns provide valuable information to other markets, and XBIZ Research is committed to providing provable research-based information that helps facilitate data-driven decision-making.